September 27, 2010


Due to low participation with this meme, I have decided to discontinue it.  For those who did participate, a HUGE thank you!!!!  
There are many memes out there and sometimes it gets out of hand with all the ones you want to take part in.  Some are time consuming that take away from reading time and some are the same in concept but with a bit of difference.  And since I have been in a month long reading slump, I need to catch up.  Again, thank you to those who participated.


Lily said...

I am sorry to see it go, I did enjoy the meme!!

Unknown said...

Keeping up with all of the memes is difficult some days. I love to read what others are thinking and doing but it's just too much to participate. I have enough trouble keeping up with commenting...

Bev Hankins said...

I'm sorry to hear it. It was fun...I'll miss our virtual tea and cakes!

Marce said...

Oh Cheryl, give it another month or so :-), no pressure, I totally understand.

I considered giving mine up also but I am going to push through to the end of the year and really decide.

Yours was the one I wanted to participate more in but the last few weeks haven't been great. I got 11 responses from it.

Anyways, well done, I did enjoy it even though I didn't participate weekly.

Carol said...

I did enjoy taking part, Cheryl. Sad to see it go.
I try not to take part in too many memes because they are a little time consuming but there are a few I do enjoy.

Sometimes I am a little busy on a certain days of the week and miss the ones I want to join.