December 7, 2009

Talk & Thoughts Free Avatars

Joined in today for my first meme !!!!! Have decided that I will be continuing the Relax and Read Weekend.  Feel free to join me!!!!.  Now just need suggestions for memes on Wed. & Thursday and the week will be filled.  This new world of blogging is helping me more than one knows.  Today the back pain is intolerable but am coping due to my new hobby and reading, which I will be getting back to after this post.  I am currently reading Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson which is a Challenge I entered via J.Kaye's Book Blog.

Any help with the NaNoWriMo meter would be greatly appreciated.  Having trouble getting it to work and show the % of books read.  I have seen this meter on many blogs and would really like to see my progress show especially since I am planning on adding many more challenges


caite said...

I am very fond of Wordless Wednesday..of course for Wednesday. ;-)

CMash said...

Thank you...will be checking it out. Thank you for the suggestion and for stopping by.