September 7, 2010

Table Talk Tuesday (1 of 2)



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 Ever wonder who your gal/fellow bloggers are? Who is on the other side of the screen/monitor? Ever wish you could meet other bloggers for coffee/tea, lunch and, of course, dessert? Well, here is your chance!!. Grab a table, put your order in and start gabbing!! (CHOICE OF BUTTONS LOCATED RIGHT SIDEBAR) There are still a few kinks that I am trying to fix, tweaking a few other things and hoping to hear your honest opinions and/or suggestions...please feel free to comment or email me.

Post 1-3 conversation tidbits, which can be, for examples, tell us something interesting about you that we don't know, ask a question of your gal/fellow blogger that you would like to know, share something that may have been exciting that happened to you this week, or something you are looking forward to, or share a how-to, or maybe ask about a how-to, or talk about something that annoys you, your opinion about a certain issue, a comment about something that was in the news this week and your opinion, or maybe ask advice, etc., etc., the list is endless. You get the idea. Just as if you were meeting a friend over coffee. And the conversation begins.

After you post your 3 conversation tidbits, come back here and link up, start visiting other blogs, answer their questions or respond to their comments. Then meet another blogger for coffee at their place, maybe have another piece of pastry while talking (and just think...this has 0 calories!!!)

Hope you join in, tell your friends, get to know more about old friends, meet new friends (possibly even becoming a new follower of their blog...if you do...leave that in your responses so that they know and hopefully will follow you back), get to know more about old friends, meet new friends and more importantly.....HAVE FUN !!! So lets grab a table, sit down, order a coffee and start gabbing !!!!

This week's conversation topic/theme will be about colors.
1.  Are you and/or do you decorate your home in the warm or cool colors palette?
          I have decorated my home in the warm earth tones
2.  What is your most favorite chair to read/watch tv in and what is the color?
          Its the recliner (that also rocks) that hubby bought me before my surgeries and it is a camel/tan
3.  What color shirt/top are you wearing (if this wasn't a virtual lunch date, I wouldn't have to ask lol)


Lily said...

I see a colors theme to your questions today! :)
1. My home is decorated with some bolder colors. My dining room is primary colors click here for pictures
2. My favorite chair is a blue rocker/recliner that is my husband's chair which I took over ;-)
3. Right now, I am sitting in my bathrobe and pajamas. I am feeling very underdressed for this table talk! LOL. My robe is a rose color.

CMash said...

Jammies are ok...its casual at my house!!!

Bev Hankins said...

Mine is up!

I have a hard time wrestling the recliner away from my husband. Fortunately, our sectional is very comfy....

Bev Hankins said...

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Sarah Joyce said...

Right now I'm decorating in warm colors and absolutely loving it!

I'm glad you asked about the chair! I just got a huge dusty purple arm chair and it's so comfortable to just relax into!

I'm waring a lilac top. It's the first day of classes for me so I'm trying to start it off right!

Violette Severin said...

My home has always been decorated in cool tones. However, I am in the middle of a remodel and the color scheme will be a warm yellow and white. I just threw out my comfortable chair-it was 35 years old. A new easy chair and ottoman will be delivered in October. Concerning my apparel, I am wearing black jeans with a blue top that has black interlocking circles on it.

XmasDolly said...

I'm so sorry I forgot about your meme today! I'm so far behind I can't see daylight anymore! AUGH! Anyway, let me try my answers really quick anyway. 1. Me too - warm earth tones. 2. Me too = same reason & yes mine rocks too. and 3. Whew! Not yellow ~hehe~ Mine is gray! Have a great day! HUGS!

Julie P said...

So late posting again--ugh! First day of school for Michael tomorrow so I was out with him getting the last few necessities. And Jake's car broke down last Thursday so he has been using mine--just one of those days. I will definitely try to join in next week. Sorry!