June 12, 2010

The Hypnotist by M.J. Rose


The Hypnotist by M.J. Rose
Published by Mira Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2675-5
At the request of Media Muscle The Book Trib, a HC was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.
  Synopsis (from the book jacket): Haunted by a twenty-year-old murder of a beautiful young painter, Lucian Glass keeps his demons at bay through his fascinating work as a special agent with the FBI's Art Crime Team. Currently investigating a crazed art collector who has begun destroying prized masterworks, Glass is thrust into a bizarre hostage negotiation that takes him undercover at the Phoenix Foundation-dedicated to the science of past-life study-where, in order to maintain his cover, he agrees to submit to the treatment of a hypnotist.
  Under hypnosis, Glass travels from ancient Greece to nineteenth-century Persia, while the case takes him from New York to Paris and the movie capital of the world. These journeys will change his very understanding of reality, lead him to question his own sanity and land him at the center of perhaps the most audacious art heist in history-the theft of a 1,500-year-old sculpture from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  My Thoughts and Opinion: The first chapter of this book pulled me right in where a young artist arrives late to a meeting only to find Solange, a friend, clinging to life due to what appears to be a vicious attack. The next thing he feels is pain, his own pain as he gets attacked. How could I not be pulled in to this plot?  On to Chapter Two, and it starts to take another turn. The characters and story line are now very confusing to me. I also find, and this is only my opinion, the detailed descriptions of art history became quite boring. I try to continue reading but the book is just not holding my interest. Unfortunately, I did not realize when I accepted to read this book, that it was the third of a series. Maybe if I had read the first two books, I wouldn't have had this outcome. Regrettably, I had to put this book aside, it just wasn't for me. I can not say if I would recommend this read or not, since I was unable to finish it.
I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me,
in exchange for my HONEST review.
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jlshall said...

Interesting. I just finished this book recently and had just the opposite reaction. I hadn't read the earlier books in the series, either, but I really loved this one. But it's true that the plot keeps changing and twisting around in every chapter - that did take some getting used to, but once I got further into the book, I didn't have any problems. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I do think it's better not to try to force-feed yourself a book you really just aren't liking. Too many other great ones out there!

bermudaonion said...

Sorry this didn't work for you. I just got the book this week and I hope I enjoy it more than you did.

Nise' said...

It is frustrating when you start a book and realize it is part of a series. I picked this one up at the library and saw that it was part of a series and put it back.

Marce said...

I want to try this one. I finished my 1st MRose 2 weeks ago and just don't know how to review it actually, i'm stumped.

Julie P said...

Bummer--maybe if you go back and start at the beginning of the series you can pick this one up again later....

MJ Rose said...

I don't mind if you don't like the book - but its not a series issue. The books aren't connected. So if you didn't like it - its just because you didn't like it:)

CMash said...

For those that may be reading the above comments, I would like to say something in regard to Ms. Rose's comment.

I sent an email as soon as I saw her comment. I apologized to her for the error, thinking I had relied on another site's information (Librarything had it listed as 3rd in a series) and I had posted the wrong information.

However, I felt so bad that I had made such a huge mistake, I researched it some more. And where I found the information, it couldn't have been more reliable. It was in her book, "The Hypnotist". Printed on the page entitled "More Books by M.J. Rose" there it stated: "The Reincarnation SERIES" and listed the 3 books. I think any consumer/reader would have come to the same conclusion, especially since it was printed right there in her book.

I again emailed Ms. Rose with the above information. At the time of this posting, there has been no further comment. I feel that I DID NOT post any wrong information. Matter of fact, because I didn't enjoy what I had read, I attempted to write a review with a possible positive reason for why I didn't like it. Giving the author the benefit of the doubt, since this was the first book I had read of hers, I thought it was because it was a series, which again, was printed in the very book I had just closed.

I have worked hard to create and maintain a honest and professional blog. I don't want my followers and visitors to think that I don't take this serious. When I write my reviews, I also take into consideration that my words may or may not affect an author that has put their heart and soul into writing the book. That is why I always try to find some positive, even in the books that I don't finish and/or don't enjoy.

Lover Of Romance said...

Sorry you didnt like it hun!!! I know that has happened to me at times, when I didn't expect it. I love the cover and summary but just had a hard time getting through it!! All readers go through it!!! But its good because there are so many good books out there for us to enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get your second email.. please accept my apology. And yes it is the third book in a series but its not a connecting series. Meaning. Each book stand alone and there isn't a continuing story about the main characters that one would understand any of the books better by having read the previous one. I wasn't upset at the comment here - I was just explaining so the idea of it being a series didn't turn off anyone or make them think the books had to be read in order.