August 15, 2011

Mark Your Calendars

Melissa Foster, author of Megan's Way and Chasing Amanda (which just received a 5 star review from MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW and THREE Finalist Readers Favorite Awards) friend and frequent visitor of CMash blog wanted to let us know about a great deal.  And I mean a GREAT DEAL!!!!

She is taking part in Bestseller For A Day promotion through IBC.

Bestseller For A Day!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Wednesday, August 17th, FIVE books will be reduced to just 99 CENTS each--and you can enter to win a KINDLE!
I'm taking part in the Bestseller For A Day promotion through the IBC. During this promotion, which will take place AUGUST 17th, there are 5 books that will be listed for just 99 cents! CHASING AMANDA is one of those books!
Mark your calendars! In addition to 5 books, each reduced to just 99 CENTS, author Terri Guiliano Long will be giving away a Kindle! Check out the Best Seller For A Day site, set an alarm on your phone for AUGUST 17th, then share this link and buy the books!