May 6, 2010

Booking Thru Thursday


Today's question:
So … you’re halfway through a book and you’re hating it. It’s boring. It’s trite. It’s badly written. But … you’ve invested all this time to reading the first half.
What do you do? Read the second half? Just to finish out the story? Find out what happens?
Or, cut your losses and dump the second half?
  Thankfully this hasn't happened often with me.  But when it has, I ask myself the same questions especially the one of investing time.  However, with the books I purchase, it really bothers me that I spent the money on something I didn't enjoy.   And when it comes to a requested review from the publisher, author, or agent it bothers me even more that I will have to try and write a constructive yet with criticism review.  Think I went off on a bit of a tangent so my answer would be to cut my losses and dump the book. 

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bermudaonion said...

It doesn't happen to me often, either, but I usually stick with it and finish the book.

Nise' said...

Me too. I stop reading and pick up another book, there are too many books to read to keep reading a bad one.

Julie P said...

There have only been about two books that I absolutely didn't like. I set them aside and didn't finish them. The way I see it--there are too many good books out there to waste time on one I don't (or can't) appreciate!

Alayne said...

Hahaha. Yeah, I think if I bought a book that stunk, I'd be really upset as well. My answer is at The Crowded Leaf.

CMash said...

Kathy: you are a trooper for sticking with reading till the end.

Nise: totally agree with you !!

Julie: seems we are on the same page as well as Nise.

Alayne: that's why I hit the used book stores..would really bother me if I paid full price

Marce said...

Instead of a waste of money I say I paid to torture myself, makes it easier to give up on it and pass it on.

My response

Nithin said...

I usually end up trying to finish every book I read, but I've realized that it's plain foolish to do that. There are better books to read out there.

Sa Toya said...

I agree paying for a book and it turning out to be utter crap sucks... as much as I try to read books all the way through...if it's not worth it...I just don't bother!

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I try really hard to finish it and if I can't, I'll lay it aside and give it a chance later. Sometimes, I have to be in the mood for a certain book. I may go back and read some reviews on it to see if other readers had a problem with it also. I usually will give at at least 75-100 pages before I quit.

Oh, by the way, I noticed Sidney Sheldon's name in your list of "What should I read next". Boy was that a blast from the past. I used to read his stuff all the time. Since he died in 2007, I'll assume this is a manuscript he didn't finish? I added "After the Darkness" to my wishlist. Thanks for reminding me of an author that I adored.