May 15, 2010


  I apologize in advance for the length of this post.
  This is probably the hardest post for me to write because I am at a loss for words as to how to say thank you especially as to what kind of award this is.  When I first stumbled onto a book blog, not even knowing this world existed, I was intrigued.  I stalked, looked into, peeked from afar into this community that shared the same love of mine, books.  There are only a couple of family members and friends who enjoy reading as much as I do.  How many times I wanted to discuss a book I had read with someone and couldn't but here I found so many that were doing just that.
  The more I read on these blogs, the more I wanted to join in.  I got up the courage to ask a few bloggers questions on how to go about getting involved and these bloggers were kind and patient with me and answered all of my questions including computer issues as I am not computer savvy.  Not only do I consider them "my mentors" but since that first question, they all became my friends.
  And yesterday, one of these "mentors" presented me with an award that was not only new to me but it's wording made me feel that I am making, at least this mentor, proud.  It is humbling to receive this type of award from such an experienced blogger.  She told me when I first started asking all my questions, that the "nicest people were book bloggers" and she was right.  To this day I have met so many kind, helpful, caring people.
  So who is this fantastic person....Vicki from Reading At The Beach and this is what she presented me with.  Thank you Vicki, not only for being one of my mentors but also becoming my friend.
And now the criteria:
This award is awarded to those bloggers that:
1~ post almost everyday, if not every
2~ reply to every comment that's posted
3~ just down right LOVE blogging!
Those bloggers are the ones that make it more than worthwhile to be a follower!
Now, here are rules for this award :
Share one extraordinary thing that's happened to you then pass this award along to 5 Xxtraordinary bloggers.
My extraordinary event/thing:
  I realize that I am truly blessed to be able to accept this award and to write this post.  I have only shared this with a few family members, friends and blogging buddies.  Not only was it scary but I am now sharing it because I feel that prayers were an extraordinary saving grace.  I had many people offering up prayers for me, including some blogging friends, before, during and after my surgeries last month, which I believe pulled me through a very critical situation.
  These complications, at times, were critical.  There were 3 incidents where I almost didn't make it.  I went into a semi comatose state for hours and on 3 occasions my blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels, my respirations close to shutting down.  But all those prayers, I truly believe pulled me through, and allowed me to be with my family and sitting here writing typing this post.  And to those blogging buddies, a very special thank you.
And I now pass this to:
Karen from Bookin' With Bingo
Gautami Tripathy from Everything Distils Into Reading
Gina from Hott Books
Julie from Reading Without Restraint
Dolly from Xmas Dolly


bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on your award! I'm sure the prayers are what pulled you through, and I'm glad they did.

Julie P said...

What a wonderful post! It actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for the award--I am honored that you thought of me!

Nise' said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award Cheryl. It has been a pleasure getting to know you as well as a privilege to pray for your recovery.

CMash said...

Kathy: Thank you and I truly believe it were all the prayers offered up for me. It was definitely a scary time for my family and myself. Thats why I feel so blessed and then to be presented with this award. Overwhelming.

Julie: Your deserved it !!! I am sorry for the tears, I shed a few too while going thru this extraordinary situation.

Nise: I noticed that you also received 2 awards from Vicki, so to that CONGRATULATIONS!! Again thank you for the prayers. Thats why I felt I had to share this with all my blogger friends who offered up prayers for me.

And to all..I am sorry that I haven't been visiting and commenting as I would like to but am still weak, plus with VNA services in and out, it is at times, difficult. Please forgive me and when I am stronger, you will probably be saying what a pain in a certain area of out anatomy lol.

Sa Toya said...

I haven't been a follower for very long but I do enjoy your blog...haven't been a book blogger for long either...admittedly I also stalked it a bit from the outside :D